C&G’s Guide to Styling Your Room For Spring

Spring has officially arrived with gorgeous weather and a whole new attitude! So why not dust off the winter blues and restyle your space to welcome the new season! Making the first move can be a little overwhelming, but thankfully this C&G blog comes with many handy tips in freshening up your room for spring.


It’s time to re-evaluate what sparks joy, and what doesn’t. Throw away or donate anything you no longer use, or simply store them away. Invest in storage solutions that can stack on top of each other, so you can store more while minimising space! Give your shelves and surfaces a good dust and clean once you’ve removed any unnecessary items. After that you’ll have a clean slate in which you can redecorate and experiment with a whole new look.

Out with the old

It’s as easy as swapping out old pillowcases or bedsheets with new ones. White, grey or blue bedlinen always produce a calming effect, and can be complemented with brightly coloured pillows or throws. Perhaps it’s time to try new patterns or even cooler silky fabrics as the weather warms up. You can even swap out table lamps for floor lamps to experiment with scale and balance. These small changes will go a long way in freshening up your room.

Be inspired by spring

Bring nature indoors and let it bloom inside your space. Flowers and indoor plants come in so many unique colours and sizes, and instantly breathe life into any space. You can even get creative with vases and pots – glass, ceramic, textile, the choices are endless. Accessorise the windowsill or let the leaves hang from the ceilings. The best part about Spring is all the extra sunlight and warmth, meaning your plants and flowers will thrive beautifully!

Move your furniture around

Simple but effective! Move the bed to the other side of the room, or the desk towards the windows. It all depends on your space, but this will certainly spice up your surroundings. You might even find creative opportunities to add in new homewares, empty walls to hang artwork on, or some floorspace to roll out a new rug. If you’re adding new furniture, look for options that come with in-built storage to maintain your decluttering efforts!


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