C&G’s Guide to Moving Day

Moving day is both an exciting and stressful endeavour. You’re excited to be transitioning into the next stage of your life and greeting the wonderful opportunities that await you there. However, this is also when we realise we own more things that we thought, and it’s quite the physical labour packing everything into boxes to send away. In the midst of all that chaos it’s easy to forget small but important details such as utilities and forwarding addresses. At C&G we believe problems can be mitigated with a thoughtful checklist, and thus have compiled a list of useful reminders to assist you in your next move!

Book your removalist service

Depending on the extent of your move you may require some professional help. Removalists can book out quickly if they’re in high demand, so it’s always a good idea to secure a service once you know your move date. If any unexpected changes pop up, you’ll have adequate breathing space to change your booking or schedule.

Collect boxes and start packing early

Start collecting boxes that come your way as early as possible. It’s in the moving process that we discover how much stuff we have and it takes longer than you initially thought! Start packing away items you don’t use regularly – for example if it’s summer you can start putting away your winter knits and coats. Of course, since we live in Melbourne it’s okay to set aside a reliable jacket when the weather becomes unpredictable.

De-clutter and throw away anything you don’t need

This can be the perfect opportunity to de-clutter your life and throw away anything you clearly don’t use. You’ll be thankful when moving day arrives and your workload is reduced significantly! Do keep an eye on your neighbourhood’s hard rubbish collection dates as well, especially if you have old furniture or larger items that are due for an upgrade.

Don’t forget the life admin!

It’s the pesky paperwork that could incur unwanted consequences if left unchecked. Pay any outstanding bills before you change address to avoid mix-ups and late fees. If you get these bills delivered to your mailbox, make sure the utility company has your new address or switch to paperless so you don’t miss the next one.

Ensure service providers such as banks, doctors, road authorities, government bodies and schools have your new address. You may need to set up your forwarding address and redirect any subscription services as well.

Once you decide on your move-out date, it is also crucial to disconnect your current utilities – this would be gas, electricity, water, phone and internet connection. You can also arrange for these to be set up at your new home so moving in is a seamless and stress-free process!

And never forget your property manager is well versed in these matters. They can connect you with the relevant services and answer tricky questions that arise. Contact Chisholm and Gamon today if you have any property-related queries! 


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