C&G’s Guide to Attracting Buyers When Selling

Putting your property on the market? Let us guess – you want to attract enough buyers to achieve the most rewarding return on your investment? This often involves having a good understanding of your market, and what buyers are looking for. It can be an overwhelming process, which is why this C&G blog is here to help! It’s packed with useful tips to consider when attracting prospective buyers – have a read!

Know your market.

Is it a seller or buyer’s market? The latter means your buyers are more choosey, especially with similar listings competing for their attention. It may be worth engaging professional advice to produce an effective marketing campaign, ensuring your property stands out. By analysing your competition you can determine exclusive features or set a reasonable asking price, considerations that easily turn into attractive selling points.

Make your listing stand out.

When it comes to real estate, first impressions are everything. Your listing is your first point of contact with the buyer, and they are likely to scroll through countless posts before reaching yours. If your budget allows for it, it’s always smart to invest in professional photography and home staging. A well-presented listing showcases the property’s most attractive features and justifies the asking price.

Ensure your property is looking its best.

If your listing has done its job, the inspection is your next opportunity to impress your buyers. Of course, they will all have unique goals and aspirations influencing their purchasing decision. However, a well-presented home with little sign of wear and tear will tick more boxes and turn more heads. If you are considering renovations or upgrades, rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms will generally attract more attention and storage is always valued.

Chisholm and Gamon have many blogs dedicated to the selling process, such as advice on preparing your home for sale and the top 10 things that buyers are looking for. Check these out before investing in the relevant renovations and upgrades. Our expert sales team would also love to answer your questions and help you navigate the selling process. Reach out today!


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