New Year Habits For Your Living Room

Whether it’s hanging up photo frames, washing dusty curtains or rearranging furniture, C&G’s five simple tips to adapting new habits for your living room will keep your space tidy, comfortable and homely. Continue your new year resolutions with these habits to cleaning, decorating and freeing up space in your living room.

Hanging up frames

Do you have frames laying on the floor? Its time to finally get around to hanging them. Once you decide on a spot - a trusty hammer, a couple of nails and some measuring tools will help you hang up those frames once and for all!

Wash your curtains

A gentle brush or dust isn’t enough to clean grubby curtains. Gently unhook each curtain eyelet and have your curtains washed or dry cleaned. See how soon your allergies clear up!

Rearrange your furniture

Is the furniture in your living space working for you? Try a new arrangement – you’ll never know the possibilities in your living space without shuffling around some furniture first.

Adapt new habits

Try emptying your magazine racks every month, buying fresh flowers weekly or plumping your lounge cushions every day. Getting into a routine of cleaning and maintaining order in your living room will eventually become second nature.

Sell old technology

Do you use streaming services to watch TV and movies? It’s probably time to sell old technology in your living room that you no longer use. Sorting through DVDs, video recorders or old gaming, would be a great place to start.

Once you adapt to your new living room habits, how about moving onto your bathroom? For C&G tips on healthy bathroom habits read here.


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