C&G’s Top Tips for Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is one of the most high-traffic areas of a home. From social catch-ups to family dinners and seasonal festivities, the kitchen is often considered the very heart and soul of a home. If you’re thinking about selling your home in the near future, consider whether your kitchen might benefit from a refresh. In today’s blog, team C&G team offer our smarts on the roadmap to a smooth and profitable kitchen reno.

Preparation is Key

A kitchen renovation is a big project - and whether you’re DIY-ing or employing professionals to complete the job for you – renovation can present a big disruption to family life. Be prepared to skip home-cooking for a couple of weeks at the least – in fact, it might be a fun time to explore the various delicious restaurants of Bayside Melbourne! If your budget allows, you may wish to lease accommodation nearby for the duration of your renovation to minimize the daily stress of negotiating yourself around half-completed kitchens and helpful tradies.  

Know your Budget

A kitchen renovation is no small feat – and depending on the breadth of the project – costs can quickly add up. If you’re considering a cosmetic refresh, consider what will maximise the functionality and appearance of the kitchen without weighing too heavily on your finances. If the cabinets are in good shape, consider painting them and applying new handles for a swiftly achieved modern look. You may also think about updating appliances or replacing worn benchtops for instant fresh vibes.

If you’re focused on a full kitchen renovation – make sure you’ve additional resources to hand. Once you begin a complete renovation, you may discover other items which require attention such as plumbing or wiring. The take home message is: when undertaking a major renovation, be prepared for some surprises (and having savings in plan to manage them).

Do your Research

When installing new ovens, dishwashers and fridges – or sleek new cabinetry – research fixtures and fittings with care. Read reviews, take advice from experts and choose products that will stand the test of time. E&S cover all kitchen appliances in a single store – they’re a fun place to start.


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