C&G's Guide to Working in Bayside

Business owners and freelancers, read on! In this C&G blog, we explore some of the best places to work from in the Bayside area, covering everything from co-working spaces to commercial leases.

Co-working spaces

Co-working spaces are a great option for those who freelance or work within a small team. They are a great midpoint between a corporate setting and a more casual workplace and afford you loads of flexibility. You often have the option to choose between a private office, hot-desk or dedicated desk, with bookable meeting rooms and even relaxation rooms offered onsite. There are also a great many benefits that come from coworking, some of which we’ve outlined below.

-       Productivity

With enough freedom to move at your own pace and enough structure to hold you accountable, coworking spaces find the perfect balance for productivity. You’ll also be surrounded with other hardworking professionals to help boost your motivation.

-       Networking

You’ll often be surrounded by many like-minded individuals who are open to forming a supportive coworking community.

-       Increased Wellbeing

A healthy work environment combined with a supportive community and the occasional office dog is the perfect recipe for wellness!

-       Cost Efficient

Co-working spaces can eliminate many overhead costs such as internet and electricity bills, as these are all inclusive.

Some of Bayside’s best coworking spaces include Blank Coworking, Happy Spaces and Bayside Hub.


Working from home

Working from home is not for everyone, and mostly boils down to the kind of work you engage in and the environment you’ll be most productive in. It does come with its own unique set of advantages which we’ve broken down for you below.

-       Flexibility

You can take breaks on a whim, work outside of normal office hours and have an afternoon nap - need we say more?

-       Cost Saving

A portion of your rent and bills are tax deductible and you’ll save money on the commute amongst many other things.

-       Customisable space

Working from home allows you to curate your ideal office, so If you’re an artist with an abundance of gouache or a photographer with tons of hardware, this may be the best option for you.


Commercial Space

Leasing a commercial space may be necessary if you have a retail business, are a service provider or require a warehouse or similar storage solution. If you’re a retailer, consider a popular shopping area with lots of foot traffic. Manufacturers may need to look in industrial areas that are located close to a highway for easy transport solutions. Check out C&G’s extensive array of commercial lease offerings for suitable options. Commercial leases can provide you with:

-       Customers

You can more effectively target your customer when you can put your business right in front of them.

-       Stability

Leasing a commercial space comes with the opportunity to enter into a long-term agreement that can provide your business necessary stability.



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