C&G's Guide to Wellbeing Activities

Wellbeing is defined as a state of comfort, contentedness, health and happiness. The feeling of wellbeing is totally unique to the individual, and thus people choose to achieve it in a variety of ways. In this C&G blog, we’ll explore some popular activities you can partake in to Bayside help facilitate this many-faceted state of being.


Being active and participating in an exercise that you enjoy is an essential part of wellbeing. Yoga is a particularly popular option, as this serene practice involves mental, physical and spiritual connectedness. Yoga originated in ancient India as a philosophical tradition, and that passing of 5000 years has seen it has evolve into many different branches. The main styles of modern day practice include Yin, Hatha and Vinyasa Flow, all of which are focused around improving one's flexibility and balance. Check out Bayside’s Warrior One Yoga and Axis Yoga for a great array of different classes.


The main goal of this traditional Buddhist practice is to achieve a peaceful yet energised state of mind where one can be more aware and more accepting. When engaging with a particular type of meditation, you will begin to explore your individual thought patterns and habits, and learn the tools to cultivate a more positive way of being. There are many forms of meditation and not all styles suit everyone, as each practice requires different skills and mindsets. If you’re new to meditation, it is a good idea to explore a few varieties to pick one that suits your personality. Look into Madam Heap and Higher Truth for classes.


Mindfulness is a popular meditation technique that involves paying attention to your thoughts as they pass through your mind. You endeavor to remain impartial, simply observing one’s thoughts without engaging or judging them. Unlike meditation, mindfulness can be practiced at any time, alone or with company, simply by showing up and being fully engaged in the present moment. If you’re looking to start this flexible practice, check out beginners courses on apps such as Headspace or Smiling Mind, or studios such as Empower Yoga and Mindfulness for classes.

It’s important to remember that wellbeing is a unique combination of your physical, mental, emotional and social health factors. Whilst engaging in activities such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness is important, so too is regular social contact, strong and healthy relationships and a wholesome and nutritious diet. 


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