C&G's Guide to the Top Interior Trends of 2020

The year is flying by and as another season approaches, it’s time to look to the top interior trends that will flourish in 2020. Expect to see natural and sustainable offerings on the rise, with a focus on longevity and comfort. In the latest C&G blog, we unpack the colours and styles predicted to be in high demand during the coming year.

Sustainable elements

Sustainability and quality are now synonymous with each other, as making purposeful and lasting choices is a key pillar that underpins the sustainable ethos. Invest in interior options that are crafted from sustainable materials and designed to withstand use and time. Stick to minimalist items in neutral tones, as these will weather the changing trends most comfortably. Explore pieces crafted from recycled plastic and bio-resin as chic design mergers with eco minded motivation. Dinosaur Designs has a beautiful range of resin vases in beautiful textures and tones that will suit any space.

Natural materials

Expect to see natural materials utilized in many ways, from cork furnishings to woven grass mats. Unusual and unique marble is also in demand, with vibrant jewel tones in turquoise and pink stealing the show. Cane furniture and lighting pieces are set to stick around, with designers evolving upon shapes and incorporating more interesting forms into their work. Melbourne based Heimur have an array of on-trend options that are designed and crafted to last.

Plants and Nature

Indoor plants will forever be relevant, with their fresh and vibrant appearance and numerous health benefits. The new year will see us evolve away from the scattering of individual plants, instead they will be grouped or concentrated in one area. Curved containers in natural tones will contain the indoor jungle and mirrors and glass can be used to reflect and enhance the green abundance. Check out Bay Road Nursery in Sandringham for inspiration.


Colours for 2020 display depth and complexity, finding inspiration in nature. Draw from neutral sand and wood tones with highlights from greenery, coral and sky blue. Don’t be afraid to incorporate contrasting colors, as these make sure the room stands out and gives it a unique aesthetic. Despite sitting at opposite ends of the colour spectrum, the natural palette will ensure it remains balanced and harmonious.



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