C&G’s Guide to Styling a Small Space

There’s no doubt that housing alternatives such as apartments and townhouses are growing in popularity. Many Australians enjoy their flexibility, location and how well it suits their lifestyle needs. However, they don’t always offer the space for big room renovations or extravagant styling. Whether it’s a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, small spaces don’t have to be deal breakers. In this latest C&G blog, we will be unpacking the strategic ways you can give a small room a big impression. Have a read, and happy styling!

Use the walls

This can help you achieve a sense of depth for the room. Large items such as bookcases, couches or beds should be placed against a wall, leaving plenty of space to move around in the centre.

Think tall

Think vertical rather than horizontal. Go for bookcases, plants or shelves with height. They will take up less floor space allowing you more freedom to style the rest of the space.

Be smart about storage

Smart storage solutions will free up space, as well as keep out the clutter! When purchasing new furniture, look for items that double as storage as well. There are plenty of beds, coffee tables and ottomans that are designed with storage in mind, featuring pull-out drawers where you can store your belongings. Alternatively, you can consider creative storage ideas such as placing a chest of drawers inside your closet if the space allows it. Storing items you don’t use regularly in stackable boxes will also make a difference.

Let in the light

Allow as much natural light as you can – your room will shine! Light always brightens up a room’s perspective and generates warmth. This also means you can decorate with plants and flowers to bring more liveliness into the space. If dealing with artificial lighting, consider pendant or wall-mounted lights as opposed to floor lamps.

Experiment with colour

Just because you have a smaller space doesn’t mean you need to compromise on creativity. If you have neutral-coloured walls, add a pop of colour in the form of a colourful couch or bold bedsheets. Large rugs, wall art, or tall plants will also add some grandeur to the room and create a sense of large living.


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