C&G’s Guide to Pool Maintenance in Autumn

For swimmers, splashers and doggy-paddlers, there’s a few days left of swimming outside. Now that Autumn is here, the new season brings about some important questions in pool maintenance. While Baysiders are still splish-splashing with sunny days sticking around, the cooler nights and falling leaves make it difficult to maintain a clean, healthy pool. In the latest C&G blog, we offer handy tips to maintaining your pool in Autumn.

 1.   Clean more

Clean your pool more regularly than in Summer. With Autumn leaves, pollen and dirt floating in your pool, make sure to skim your pool and clean with strainer baskets before it sinks to the bottom.

2.   Empty skimmer box or basket regularly

With leaves and pollen swirling in the air, expect your pool to be congested as well. Emptying your pool filter and basket regularly will help your pool self-clean without clogging.

3.   Cover your pool

A pool cover or tarp will prevent leaves from damaging your pool and will keep your pool warmer during the nights.

4.   Reduce chlorine and filter time

As the days get cooler it’s best to reduce chlorine - especially if no-one has been swimming for a while. The same goes for filter time, reducing between three and seven hours a day will save on energy and electricity bills.

5.   Buy a winter kit

The best way to prepare for cooler weather is testing your pool with a winter kit. Testing the pool water for mineral or pH imbalances will help you treat issues with appropriate chemicals.

6.   Protect against algae

Use an algaecide to prolong the effectiveness of chlorine and prevent algae from growing in your pool – because no-one wants a slime-green pool.

If you need a pool specialist in maintenance and repair, ask Chisholm and Gamon for our list of Bayside contractors near and best in your area. Contact us via phone, email or drop by our offices.



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