C&G’s Guide to Planting Spring Vegetables

Making it easy to plant out your Spring veggie patch, C&G’s gardening guide is here to help.

Who needs a green thumb to grow fresh Spring veggies in your background! Whether you’re a gardening novice or Jamie Durie expert, planting Spring vegetables depends on climate, sun, shelter and lush surroundings. With Melbourne weather in mind, Chisholm and Gamon present our planting guide to growing foolproof vegetables in Spring.

Lettuce, Salad Greens and Spinach

The quickest vegetable to grow, salad greens are also easy to harvest. Best planted in partly shady areas, spinach and greens thrive in moist, rich soil.


This popular garden vegetable needs a lot of sun which makes it easy to grow. Try planting tomatoes in hanging baskets or containers. TIP: If you plant tomatoes next to basil, the herb will enhance the flavour of the tomatoes!


Another versatile vegetable, carrots need to be planted in full sun to grow. Deep, stone-free soil is best, especially if you want to grow large carrots.


String beans, legumes and peas are ideal for Spring gardens. With hundreds of varieties to choose from like snapping beans and snow peas, most legumes grow all year round.


Cucumbers love the sun and should be planted around October to ensure they grow throughout Summer. Like most root vegetables, cucumber tops can be replanted.


Growing in unusual shapes and purple colours, the eggplant is a close relative of the tomato. Eggplant is a warm-season crop and should be planted in front of a north-facing wall for additional heat – especially in colder climates like Melbourne.


Easy to grow, zucchinis quickly take off as soon as they are planted. Best planted with warm soil, the zucchini grows so prolifically, that one or two seeds will produce more than enough veggies.

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