C&G’s Guide to Knowing When to Adopt a Pet

If your life is missing a four legged companion, you might be wondering whether now is the right time to fill that void. In today’s blog, C&G explain when to know it’s time to adopt a furry friend.

Consider Your Living Arrangements

Whether you’re after a dog, cat or rabbit, having the right home environment for your furry companion is essential, both ethically and logistically. Animals need space to exercise, play and find comfort, so it’s important to consider whether your home is big enough to accomodate you and your new pet. Will your animal be indoor or outdoor or a combination of the two? Will they be able to access fresh air, sun and windows to gaze from?! Indoor animals in particular require a lot of stimulation, so make sure your home is appropriate before welcoming a new furry family member.

Consider Your Schedule

Do you have the time to love, care for and nurture your new pet? Young animals in particular need a lot of attention, love and playtime. If you’re regularly working overtime or have a very active social life, you might not be able to dedicate enough time to raising an animal.

Consider Your Budget

Aside from the initial adoption fees of your chosen pet, ongoing costs are a worry for many pet owners. Vet visits, insurance, food, toileting supplies, toys and bedding all add up, and need to be factored into your budget. Ask friends and family with pets how they approach the financial side of being a fur parent, and consider contacting your local vet to see what you’ll need to pay out for vaccinations, check-ups and emergency stays.

Where to Adopt a Pet Bayside

Chisholm & Gamon encourage all would-be pet owners to follow the #AdoptDontShop rule, and visit local rehoming shelters before contacting breeders. Cheltenham Cat Rescue, the RSPCA and local veterinary centres have hundreds of animals in need of loving homes. Look to rehoming centres first and give a neglected animal a second chance.


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