C&G’s Guide to Febfast 2020


February is fundraiser month, and febfast is a fantastic way to make some healthy changes. The C&G team are always actively participating in local charities and we’re big supporters of this initiative. Febfast involves giving up a vice – alcohol and sugar are good examples – for a month while raising money to help disadvantaged youth gain access to resources and support. You can replace your vice with healthier options, so you also benefit by leading a productive and healthier lifestyle! This latest C&G blog highlights some great ideas and reasons for getting involved in this wonderful cause. Read on!

What should I give up this month?

Febfast focuses on taking a ‘time-out’ on alcohol and sugar intake during the month of February. But not everyone is a big drinker, or a sweet tooth. That’s okay - other suggestions include caffeine, television, swearing, inactivity, and even selfies! It’s normal to focus on physical health, but you can certainly opt for improving your mental health by reducing time spent on social media and interacting with the real world instead.

How do I raise money?

The first step would be to sign up through the febfast website here. It will ask you what you intend to give up this February. You’ll then have access to exclusive tools and tips for tracking your progress, delicious recipe cards, and motivational posters to inspire your journey!

What difference am I making?

The money you raise will contribute towards connecting young people with youth workers who can personally assist them. When disadvantaged people access this support, it enables the eradication of issues associated with homelessness, drugs, legal system, and distance from family members. The program seeks to help these young people develop new lifestyles that sees them enter the workforce or enrol in educational study. You can read febfast’s success stories here, as well as learn more about where your money goes.

Do I have to do it alone?

Of course not! While some people may enjoy individual self-improvement, others prefer to work as a team and cheer each other on. A lot of workplaces take on the febfast challenge – it’s a great idea for team bonding and improving productivity while supporting a good cause.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out the rewards you can win by participating in febfast 2020. Luxury escapes and retreats are up for grabs!


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