C&G’s Guide to Entertaining Your Kids at Home

Within a matter of weeks we have been thrown quite a curveball. Many parents have been asked to work remotely at home, and a number of schools have sent their students home for the foreseeable future. Are you discovering it’s a little difficult to get work done while the little ones become more restless? Never fear, C&G’s latest blog has some fun suggestions for entertaining your kids at home.

Play a game

Of course, this is easier said than done. What game? How much time will it take? This nifty article from Fatherly has a number of simple, commitment-free games that will distract the kids while promoting more family bonding time. You’ll find a variety of preparation times, distraction duration, what is required to set up the game, and most importantly the rules!

Introduce them to podcasts

This could be a fun yet educational alternative that won’t make your kids feel like they’re back at school. Podyssey has a list of entertaining podcasts tailored at children, but can be enjoyed by the whole family. From an 11-year-old’s perspective on what love means, to teaching kids why they should be washing their hands more often, there are plenty of options to pass the time and remain screen-free!

Encourage their inner artist

If you have a lot of scrap paper lying around at home, encourage your kids to pick up some markers and start drawing. You can also pull out the old magazines and let them cut out pictures to make collages. Who knows, this could spark a newfound interest in creativity and art!

Spend time in the kitchen

Everyone will have to eat sometime! If you were too busy to teach your kids cooking before, this is the perfect opportunity to do so! They’ll gain valuable life skills while enjoying some wonderful family bonding time. If you’re in need of ideas, Good to Know has some easy baking recipes designed for first-time chefs.


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