C&G’s Guide to Buyer’s Agents

Whether commercial or residential, we all have different goals and motivations when it comes to buying property. Some of us choose to work with trusted advisors – including buyer’s agents – when making the decision to acquire real estate. This can be hugely helpful, particularly if you’ve been looking for a long time, are not enjoying success at the negotiation table, or find yourself ‘pipped at the post’ regularly. In this C&G blog we unpack the buyer’s agent role, so you can decide on whether going it alone is the best plan for you … or engaging support to get the job done. Read on!

So, what exactly is a buyer’s agent? Buyer’s agents are licenced professionals who use their knowledge of the real estate market and landscape to source, evaluate and negotiate property purchases on the buyer’s behalf. They should understand your intentions and provide advice that reflects your best interests. This understanding is usually achieved via consultations, where you’re given the opportunity to discuss your long-term investment goals. Your buyer’s agent will then develop a property investment strategy that allows you to achieve these goals.

The buyer benefits from an advocate’s professional advice throughout the purchasing process. With a buyer’s agent on their team, purchasers can maximise their spare time by looking only at the choicest homes, obtain appraisals of value … and they may receive access to exclusive off-market properties. Your buyer’s agent should be able to tap into the many real estate networks at their disposal, presenting properties that fit your specifications at the right price. Buyer’s agents may also participate in auctions and negotiate private sales on purchaser’s behalves, taking unnecessary pressure and stress off their clients.

Are you planning to buy an asset and wondering if you require a buyer’s agent? You can always start by having a conversation with the friendly team at Chisholm and Gamon. We have years of experience working with buyers, sellers and vendors alike, and will happily point you in the right direction when it comes to buyer’s agents (also known as advocates). Reach out today!



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