C&G How To: Revamp a Kids Bedroom

Creating a space that your kids love and that they can call their own offers them an early sense of independence and pride. As they grow, their tastes change, so giving your kids’ rooms a revamp can bring their space up to date with who they are. Today, C&G share fun ways to reinvent your kids bedrooms.

Young Ones

For tiny tots, creating space will be your best friend. The younger years are when toys dominate every floor in the house, so making extra space and extra storage could save you a few Lego-to-the-foot injuries! Loft beds are a great way to give your kids an exciting new bedroom without too much fuss. Not only do they create more floor space and room for play, they make bedtime much more exciting!

You can create a desk area or reading nook in the space beneath the bed, which can help teach young children how to be alone and enjoy their own company. It also gives them a space that’s theirs to take pride in. This extra floor space means plenty of room for toy trunks, wardrobes and storage boxes. By teaching your kids that everything has a place, you may be able to enjoy tidier bedrooms and more orderly playtime!

In terms of decor, a feature wall with a fun wallpaper print can be a simple way to bring colour and joy to the room without major effort. You can update the wallpaper as your child’s tastes change.

Growing Up

As younger ones start to grow up and become a more defined version of themselves, their interests change – and these changes will likely influence what they’d like their bedroom to be. As you move away from loft beds, regular bed frames with storage space beneath can maximise space in the room. Slim boxes that slide neatly under beds can help maintain order in your child’s bedroom.

At this older age, your child may have much more specific interests, and become very keen on channeling these in their bedroom aesthetic. Beware though, that their interests at ages 9-13 are unlikely to last long, so ensure any changes you make are easily adaptable. It’s unlikely that they’ll still be mad on Frozen or Transformers by the time they get to high school! Try to keep the overall feel quite neutral, and use things like temporary wall stickers, novelty bedding or low-cost accessories to add personality.

Mid-Late Teens

As your child’s teens progress, their tastes will become more aligned with adulthood. At this point, they may wish to neutralise brighter colours and get rid of any reminders of their younger years. They may have grown out of many previously-loved posters, wallpaper and trinkets by this age. A fresh lick of paint and some new bedding and accessories will help bring teenager bedroom designs bang up to date, and give them the sense of independence they’re craving.

If you have the space, creating an area for them to work and relax alone will also satisfy their natural need for solitude and control.

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