De-Clutter and Do Good: National Op Shop Week

If you’re anything like us at team C&G, you’re likely to have a house full of bibs-and-bobs that are precious to you: regardless of their monetary value, they trigger good memories and are pleasing to the eye. Over the years, your collections of items – be they clothes, decorations, books or good-lookin’ kitchen knick knacks – can become dust collectors. In their own quiet way, they might be holding you back from changing your style or streamlining your home. Has a good clean-out of items you’ve loved – but no longer really need or want – been on the agenda? Your spring cleaning wishes have been answered with National Op Shop Week, taking place from  the 24th-31st August! Whether you’re cleansing your home of unnecessary items prior to selling, or simply interested in donating valuable goods to charity – here’s your opportunity to de-clutter whilst doing good.

Why a National Op Shop Week

Our community’s disadvantaged rely on the support that charities offer – through funding both privately donated and created via op shops. With a growing population, charities are overstretched and undersupplied with quality op shop stock. National Op Shop Week is an initiative of Do Something in association with the National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations, encouraging us to dig deep into our wardrobes to donate quality clothes. If you wouldn’t wear it because it’s torn, dirty or just downright awful – don’t consider giving it to charity either.

Unworn Clothing : Not Absolutely Fabulous, Darling

Items of clothing that have sat unworn in your cupboard for over a year? Guilty as charged! Did you know that Australian women’s wardrobes are bursting with fundraising potential – 62% of women have clothes in their wardrobe which has never been worn with tags still on, and 82% of women have clothes which have only been worn once or twice.

Don’t just donate … shop up a storm at your local ‘oppy – who knows what treasures you’ll find?

Donating Do’s and Don’ts

Clothing you elect to donate should be clean, undamaged and reasonably wrinkle-free. Pair items like shoes, gloves and socks together. Check before donating at your local charity store, as not all op shops accept the same kinds of items. Whatever you do, don’t think about dumping useless or soiled items near a local charity bin. This is lazy and deeply ungenerous.

Give Local

Visit the National Op Shop Week website and pop in your postcode for a list of local op shops you can donate to. Bayside, find charity shops such as St Kilda Salvos and the Sacred Heart Mission Op Shop on Grey Street.


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