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If you’re thinking of building a home, you’ll most likely be asking friends and trusted advisors for recommendations and familiarising yourself with phrases like ‘architectural render’ and ‘scale drawing.’ You might already have some idea…
Simply the Pest! Dealing with Household Pests Unfortunately, pests are a fact of life. Whether it’s a possum in your loft or rats in your basement, sometimes they’re just unavoidable – though keeping your home clean and free of food scraps will…
If you’re anything like most Melbournians, you’ll have allocated a pretty decent chunk of your food budget to enjoying the wealth of epicurean delights that this city has to offer. Now, the utterly decent folk at the Sacred Heart Mission have devised…
C&G’s Guide to Honouring ANZAC Day in Bayside   Aside from just a relaxing extra day off, the ANZAC Day long weekend is our chance to honour those who fought for our country. In today’s blog, C&G have rounded up what’s going on this ANZAC…
Bayside is a locale that is synonymous with the word ‘beach’, but residents of Elwood, Black Rock, Brighton and beyond don’t just experience the benefits of the ‘beach life’ in summer. Living by the ocean has a range of other benefits besides…
C & G Market snapshot 18th April 2016
You’ve got a property but it needs work. Perhaps the kitchen requires new fixtures, maybe the bathroom is gone and needs to a complete refit. Either way, there’s one word on everyone’s mind: renovation. When you’re considering renovating your…
  Darkness has fallen, and the leaves are close behind, which means only one thing – autumn has dawned on Melbourne. Before you run and hide under your doona and grieve the loss of the glorious summertime, take a peek at C&G’s top picks on the…
Last week, C&G brought you the best of the footy season for the Bayside area, and this week, we’re following up with our favourite pie recipes! With the weather getting cooler and the demand for winter warmers picking up, there’s nothing like…
Did you know that recent changes to lending standards now require Australian banks to assess your loan differently? With the national cash rate at an all-time low, banks are reducing their risks (and consumers’ risks) by adding a ‘buffer’ amount…

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